Tips on How To Dispose of Dead Betta Fish In 2022

Are you looking for a pet that can cheer up your soul but also takes less space in your house? Betta fish can be your best companion. These are very attractive, jolly and cheerful souls. They will lower your stress and also keep you happy inside and out.

If you are thinking about whether to take male or female betta fish, then you can have a look at our article

Tips on How To Dispose of Dead Betta Fish In 2022

But before you have it with you, ensure that you have an idea of how to make the best of their care. Also, God forbid if your pet dies someday, you should have an idea how to dispose of dead betta fish.

1. Keeping Dead Fish Away From Other Fishes

Take the dead fish out of the aquarium or tank as soon as possible. The decomposition of the dead fish emits ammonia. The ammonia in the water is harmful to other fishes. You can use a net to take out the fish. If you are using your hands, then do not forget to sanitize and wash them.

2. Keeping The Fish in a Sealed Bag

A zip lock bag is the best option to keep the dead fish. This prevents the spreading of smell, diseases, and germs. Paper bags can also be an excellent option to save dead fish.

3. Keeping the Bagged Fish in a Chilled Place

Before you plan out where to bury your dead fish, keep the fish in the refrigerator.

4. Disposing of the Fish

There are many ways by which you can dispose of your fish. Let us have a look:

5. Burying the fish in the Ground

If you have no idea how to bury a fish? Then, take a knife and dig the soil. Keep the fish out of the bag and plant it with a bush and some flowers. The dead fish will become a natural fertilizer.

Cremating is another way to prevent germs and other diseases is to burn the body. Before burial, gets in touch with a vet doctor to get an idea of cremating the body.

The Don’t of Of The Betta Fish Disposal Process

1. Never flush your Dead Betta

Flushing may seem the easiest way of disposal, but it is the most unsafe one. Not all sewage drains meet the septic plants. Some open themselves to rivers and oceans.

The dead fish in the sewage carries germs with it. Hence it proves harmful to the other fishes in the river or sea. Also, the ecosystem gets affected due to the poison produced in the water.

2. Do not feed the dead fish to other Animals

The dead fish have all the chemicals and bacteria. It is very harmful and even poisonous to the animal consuming it. So feeding dead fish to another animal is not at all a good idea.

Possible Reasons That Can cause a Betta Fish To Die

If you wonder why your betta fish died, then the following can be the reasons behind them.

1. Poor Water Conditions

Though betta fish need less care, poor water conditions can take their life any moment. It requires warm water between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius.

So make sure your water temperature lies somewhere between it. Also, sudden temperature changes can lead to fish deaths.

2. Never overfeed your Pet

Yes, you will never want to leave your beloved pet an empty stomach. But also remember overfeeding may have adverse effects. Always remember that the stomach size of a betta is the same as that of its eyeball. So feed them only twice a day, in small portions.

3. Fishes also get Stressed

You can’t communicate with your fish, but you always keep an eye on it. If your Betta is getting fat and sluggish, then it’s a sign that it is under stress. It will have serious health issues and may even cause sudden death.

4. Betta fish too get Injured

Due to their long-flowing fins, the betta fish tend to get injured. The injuries may lead to infections or diseases, which can even cause death.

5. Ammonia poisoning can be the Reason

You need to change the water in the aquarium from time to time. Otherwise, the water can become toxic with ammonia, and this can lead to the fish dying.

6. The Size of the Tank Matters

Maybe you’re giving your Betta the best treatment in the world, but still, it may die. It may be part of stress and suffocation if your tank is small and crowded. Put your pet in a tank of at least 5 gallons.

7. Preventing Betta from Dying

You can also save your Betta from dying. Ensure that the tank is clean, and you feed your pet in small intervals.

Also, check if it is eating properly. If you observe that the fish looks pale and ill, consult a vet as soon as possible.

How Can You Identify If Your Betta Fish is Dead?

Betta fish are very active and healthy and swim around a fair amount. But if you find any betta sinking at the bottom, there are total chances that Betta is dead.

So keep an eye on the aquarium and identify whether your betta fish is dead. But many times, you may misinterpret the sleeping betta with the dead ones.

Following are some indications that the Betta is near to its already dead:

  • The fish gained weight and became lethargic, and is lying at the bottom for many days.
  • It is swimming oddly and not able to keep balance.
  • Its colour becomes less vibrant.
  • Its eyes seem more extensive than its body.


There are many misconceptions about the care and biology of betta fish. Thus, the ‘pet industry’ often mistreats them. But there is no offence saying these are some of the easy-going pets one can have. They might need less care, but still, they need to be careful when it comes to their health.

Every fish is susceptible and requires special care as compared to other pets. We need to be cautious enough when it comes to their disposal to prevent the spreading of diseases.

Our beloved pets lighten the mood of our homes and fill us with joy. It is a responsibility at our end to keep them happy and safe till the last breath of their lives.

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